Chaff Against the Wind ii Ep.08

Anthony stared in shock at her; he could not believe his eyes. He was sure beyond every reasonable doubt that he was really growing old this time. Jnr was right; his mind was even beginning to play tricks on him. “If this is a dream someone please wake me up” he said out loud. Tears…


To the one who’s been a father and a friend
To the one who sometimes takes on more than he can bear
To the one who has received grace to do the uncommon things of the earth
To the one who has shown love in more ways than one can imagine

Chaff Against the Wind ii Ep.07

Previously:  “So, are the kids excited to meet the rest of the family, especially their dad?” Nelly asked animatedly. Jennifer remained with her eyes to the ground, not making an attempt to respond. Nelly knew this body language all too well. “You have not told them about him?” there was still no response “Jennifer!” Nelly…

Chaff Against the Wind ii Ep.06

Previously: It had been a while but he could easily make him out. Anthony smiled as he watched his son arrive. The boy had the hair of his grandfather; yellowish brown like an albino, there was no way he would not make him out. He was just about to call out the boy’s name when…

Chaff Against the Wind ii Ep.05

It was a little after sunset when Jojo arrived at the airport. As soon as he disembarked, he stood to take in a breath of fresh air, the feel of the surroundings bringing back a lot of nostalgic memories.  So… he was finally in the land of his birth, Jojo could not believe it. The…

Chaff Against the Wind ii Ep.04

Previously: “I don’t know sir…” Anthony cried “I…I don’t know what she was planning on achieving with the gun. She threatened to kill me with it if I would not love her. We were struggling for possession, it wasn’t supposed to turn out this way. The gun just went off. I thought I was the…

Chaff Against the Wind ii Ep.03

Previously: Nelly resolved that if she did not come as requested she was going to spill everything to her son-in-law. He deserved to know the truth, after so many years, she so much feared that the secret would follow her to the grave. She squeezed Anthony’s hand in hers and let the tears flow freely….

Chaff Against the Wind ii Ep.02

Naa arrived at the office in time to end the meeting with the investors. Her associate was doing a good job when she arrived so she just sat down and allowed him to finish with the presentation slides. She could see how impressed the investors were, their heads bobbing up and down at every question…


It’s me… How have you been? I bet your life has been miserable without your best friend at your side. At least, you’ve been rid of all the noise making from the buzzing fly right? Surprised?

Dear God, Do you really Exist?!!!

Questions flood our minds and our hearts and we want to constantly ask. When times are rough and we get tested, when we are so sick yet we pray for others to get healed, when we are so poor yet surrounded by the rich…


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************************************ Hello people. So yesterday, I put up a post on my facebook wall about this year’s Chale Wote festival and of course I am not surprised it didn’t get many supporters because spiritual things are spiritually discerned and so I also know that even after putting up this…