Chaff Against the Wind Ep.12a


He saw her curled up in the backseat with her face to the seat. He walked closer and opened the door. He shook her.

“Amber, wake up, I’m here now.”

She would not budge. He called her again and she shifted in her sleep. She sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily, “Who are you?”


“Who are you?” Anthony said simultaneously with the person in the car.

“I asked you first”

“No I asked you first!” he retorted.

“Oh Jennifer…” Nelly frowned. “Who is this; she is not my Jennifer. What have you done with my Jennifer”

“Who are you people? I was sleeping peacefully till you decided to rudely wake me up” the fellow angrily said.

“We need to know where the owner of this car went. Her name is Jennifer” Mrs. Adjetey spoke up to calm the nerves of her family who looked like they would burst from the situation.

“Ooh! You should have just asked that earlier. I did not know the good Samaritan was Jennifer. She refused to tell me her name no matter the number of times I asked. The beautiful lady found me sitting on the swing sleeping and asked me if I wanted a car. I thought I was dreaming but no, it was real. I asked myself, “Self, is this real?”

And myself said, “Yes self, it is real. She asked me again if I wanted it or not, I said yes. She gave it to me and began to walk off. I asked her where she was going, she said she did not know. And just like that, she was gone.”

Nelly fell to the ground and wailed. She could not believe it. “Jennifer! Why?!” she cried

The whole world started spinning before Anthony. He tried steadying himself but to no avail. His breath hitched in his throat, black dots blurred his vision, turning pitch black.


It was 6 months after their wedding, exactly six months after the mysterious disappearance of Jennifer and Anthony was inconsolable. He refused to stay anywhere near Stephanie for fear of strangling her to death and losing the unborn child. Stephanie was rancid with bitterness. She just could not understand this Jennifer girl. Even after disappearing, she still had Anthony wrapped around her fingers. If there was any way she could find that girl and kill her she would gladly do it so she would leave her man for her.

He would not answer her calls, he refused to see her at his workplace, and he would not attend family gatherings if she was there. He avoided her like a plague. It was Tuesday evening; Anthony liked to stay at the office late on that day of the week. Stephanie was parked across the street from the office at exactly 6pm, patiently watching and waiting as the lights in the 8 storey building went off floor by floor till the last one was left; where he could be located.

Soon every desk and office on that floor was vacated except his. This was the time to put her action into play. Stephanie slowly alighted from her car and waddled across the street with her bag in her hand. She put on her disguise carefully; a pair of tinted glasses, a wig and a baggy shirt to conceal her pregnancy. After being turned away several times from the building, she had discovered ways of entering the building without being seen.

Within a number of minutes Stephanie arrived on the eighth floor without being seen. She avoided all cameras to ensure she would not be spotted. Standing right in front of the door which read CEO with a triumphant look on her face, she was glad all the hurdles had been successfully crossed and she was finally in front of the winning prize.

“Excuse me Madam.”

Stephanie froze


-To be continued-


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