Chaff Against the Wind Ep.11


“I said I need to find Jennifer because she is going to kill herself and our unborn child”

“Unborn child? What do you mean by unborn child?” Joseph grabbed the scruff of Anthony’s shirt. “You impregnated two of my daughters and now one is going to commit suicide?”


Jennifer sat in her seat slowly and painfully. Her flight was due in five minutes. Sighing deeply, she buckled her seat belt. This journey was going to need a lot of energy; emotionally and physically.

People would think her foolish for doing this but she could not afford to wait. She blamed herself. Maybe, if she had gone ahead and married Anthony 6 years ago like he asked, she would not be at this point today.

Anyway, this was it. She was not going to cry anymore. She was ready to move on to wherever the next phase of life would bring her. She just hoped, she would not find herself in a place where she would have to fight anymore; she was tired of fighting.

Jennifer picked up her phone and went to her music player, pressing play to the one song she always adored, their song, Don’t cry for me Argentina. Looking around one more time, Jennifer leaned against the window and closed her eyes, humming the tune softly to herself and remembering the happy times. The pilot was making the announcement, she could feel it coming, and she could see clearly; it was here. This was it.


“Joseph calm down and allow the young man to speak. If you kill him before he gets to explain himself what will we have gained?” Nelly scolded her husband who reluctantly let go.

“Speak son” she urged him

 “Well, I am not sure if she is going to kill herself exactly but that is how the letter sounded”

 “What letter?” her mother asked

Anthony lifted his hand to show the crumped paper in his hand. Nelly slowly pulled the sheet and began to read.

“I needed to pick up a cheque for my assistant from my room. That was when I chanced upon the letter in my diary. I know your daughter well sir and I know it when she means something; especially if it is in her handwriting.

“Oh my God! This cannot be happening; my child, my only child” Nelly cried. Joseph rushed to his wife’s side immediately helping her to a seat. Anthony knelt in front of Nelly and looked at her with tears in his eyes. “Aunt, I know you are very upset with me but please, this is for Jennifer. Help me find her before it is too late. I know you know where she is. She tells you everything.”

Nelly looked at him sadly, “She did not tell me anything. She only said she was going to where it all began and then she was gone from me, just like that. How in the world is she expecting me to know what that means?”

“I think I do.”

“You don’t Anthony!” they all turned to look at Stephanie who looked crazed. “Are you going bananas here? You are still choosing her over me even when I have your ring on my finger? Under no circumstance I’m I letting you go”

“I was never yours to begin with Stephanie. Jennifer had my heart from day one. You were a mistake I cannot correct, that is all. You have my child, you have me tied.” He turned to Nelly and held her hand, “Aunt, I know where Jennifer is and I promise I will bring her back to you, alive and well.”

Nelly could do nothing but nod. The pain was too much for her to open her mouth to say a word.

“No, we are all coming with you.” Joseph stated with such finality in his voice no one dared oppose him.


Anthony went ahead of the group in search of Jennifer, reminiscing as he walked, “She usually sat on the swing whiles I pushed her. That was where I first asked her to be my friend and then my best friend and my girlfriend and…”

“Please save us the history for another day.” Stephanie snapped. Let us go find the drama queen and have this over and done with. I do not know why that girl is always causing trouble.” She murmured to herself

“I told Jennifer” Joseph began “I told her you were bad news but she would not listen”

“Joseph, I have only tolerated this much you have said about my son because of the friendship we have shared all these years. I will not have you bad mouthing him anymore.” Mr. Adjetey said.

“How dare you? Blame your …”

“Enough! Will you two stop bickering already? Why are you so selfish? We have a young girl on the verge of committing suicide and you are here arguing unnecessarily. You must be ashamed to call yourselves fathers.”

Anthony looked in the distance and noticed Jennifer’s car parked on the playground with someone seated in it. He smiled in relief. He was right after all. He broke into a sprint to reach her before anyone else would. At least, he would get to tell her he loved her before the rest caught up.

He saw her curled up in the backseat with her face to the seat. He walked closer and opened the door. He shook her.

“Jen, wake up, I’m here now.”

She would not budge. He called her again and she shifted in her sleep. She sat up and rubbed her eyes sleepily, “Who are you?”


-To be continued-


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