Chaff Against the Wind Ep.09

Yoofi, Sammy and Maria, this is for you!!! Happy birthday guys 😊😊😊


“Well I figured by now your fiancée should have told you because he promised he would”

“Told me what?”

Stephanie smiled evilly


“Told me what?” Jenny asked anxiously “Did something happen? Please speak up”

“He told me he was going to tell you on my behalf that I was going to Accra for a couple of days” Stephanie spoke up

Jennifer sighed in relief, “Gosh Stephanie, you have a knack for scaring people unnecessarily. I thought something had happened to you.”

“Well I am fine but I am afraid I will have to take up your offer on lunch when I return. Is that okay?”

“Sure Steph. Take care.”


Jennifer hang up to see her mother with an expectant look on her face. “Well what did she say?” He mother urged her to speak

“She cannot make it.”

“Oh” Nelly’s face fell

“Apparently she asked Adjetey to tell me about it but I guess he forgot.”

“Do not start getting funny ideas in that head of yours”

“Oh no ma, I will just ask him when he comes by.”

“When who comes by?”


Anthony walked in with his briefcase in his hand. He kissed Nelly on the cheek briefly and his fiancé on her forehead.

Jennifer ignored the look her mother was giving her to drop the topic but Aunt Nelly was too late. “Oh hello baby. I just got off the phone with Stephanie.”

Anthony broke into a cold sweat at once.

“You kids should go upstairs so Anthony could rest his feet whiles I make us some dinner alright? Go on now” Nelly pushed them upstairs so they could clear the air. Anthony sure did look fazed the moment Stephanie was mentioned. Maybe Jennifer was right, maybe she was exaggerating as usual. Knowing her daughter, Jennifer would not let the issue die once she had her suspicions. She just did not want to be in the middle of the confrontation. That was their private matter to discuss.


Back in the room, Anthony made a dash for the washroom as soon they entered in a bid to get Jennifer to change the topic for conversation.

“You seem to have become really close with Stephanie in recent times.” That was the first thing Jennifer said when he stepped out

“Really? You think so? We just talk once in a while; nothing major.”  He picked up a towel to clean his hands whiles he silently thanked God in his heart that he had cleared all chats with Stephanie before stepping into the house.

“And I see you have been exchanging a lot of messages too” she held up his phone to him.

“Is that my phone?”

“Answer me Anthony”

“Yes, just a couple of messages to check on each other from time to time. Do I need to ask your permission for that?”

Anthony’s phone beeped, cutting their conversation. Jennifer looked at him. He remained silent, hoping that stubborn girl had not messaged him. His fiancée looked at the screen and back at him.

“She says she is pregnant”

“And how is any of that my concern?” he fell flat on her bed and stretched his legs, pretending to be uninterested in the conversation.

“Is the baby yours?”

“That is a ridiculous question Jenny. How could I possibly be the father when you are the only woman that I have been with?”

“Then why does she say you are the father? And why in God’s name is she asking if you have told me the truth?” her voice rose an octave higher

He stood up from the bed and went to pick up his belongings. “I am headed home. Call me when you have calmed down.” He turned the knob

“Tell me the damn truth Anthony! Are you the father of Stephanie’s baby?”

He dropped his bag in shock from her shout. Anthony turned to see tears slipping from her eyes. Out of worry Anthony tried reaching out to her but it just made her flinch and step further away.  “Do not touch me. It is true, isn’t it?”

“Jenny I…”

Jennifer took in a deep breath. “You disgust me. Get out of my house” she whispered, not finding the strength to voice the words out.


“I said get the hell out of my house!” she yelled, throwing his engagement ring at him in the process


-To be continued-


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