Chaff Against the Wind Ep.08


“But ma, based on what you just taught me there is no strange woman after all o?”



“How do you mean child? Were you listening at all?”

“Of course I was mother; in fact, I was listening so well I discovered this woman is very familiar. She is so familiar I could strangle her to death.”

“What do you mean?”

“Ma, the strange woman is Stephanie”

Mrs. Sackey adjusted herself in her seat to take a proper look at her daughter, “I hope you are not crossing threads Esi”

“I am very sane mother. I am just speaking per observation. The moment Stephanie comes up in our conversation or mysteriously shows up wherever we are, Adjetey’s mood changes”

“Stop speaking hogwash Jennifer! I know you do not particularly like her but she is still your sister and your maid-of-honour. What do you mean by she mysteriously shows up where you are?”

“You will not understand ma. I know I can be a bit hyperbolic sometimes but I could swear I am not exaggerating. Anytime she is mentioned it is like the bulb in Anthony’s head just goes off and he becomes numb, almost afraid, as if there is something he must say but cannot. When she shows up, their stares at each other linger as if they are having some sort of silent conversation.”

“Oh Esi, do not get things twisted. I remember you briefly mentioned they knew each other before meeting here so it is possible you are over thinking things. Just pray for him. Maybe it is the wedding pressure.”

“This is no wedding pressure ma. I know my man and you just spoke to me about spiritual things and strange women. It just confirms everything. There is this inkling I have anytime she is around that, that…”

“That nothing Esi. This conversation ends right here, right now. Go find your man and know exactly what the problem is and stop blaming the poor girl. I see her trying to warm up to you. Your father bringing in another woman’s child to our matrimonial home was one of the hardest moments of my life but I learnt to let go and forgive. You have been so mean to her she cannot stay under the same roof with us. In marriage you would have to do a lot of that; forgive and accept, it should be like the water you drink. Give her a chance, be nice to her. Call her and take her out to lunch today; that should be a step.”

“Ma, I am actually going to let this go because you said so but if in the end it turns out I am right, I will blame this on you.”

“Go on and call her.” Mrs. Sackey smiled in contentment as she watched her daughter place her mobile phone on her ears, the lunch forgotten.


The weather was unusually hot today. Stephanie did not know whether to blame it on the pregnancy or on the fact that the air conditioners were not cooling the house enough. Her cravings for weird things since she found out about the pregnancy were going from bad to worse. One moment she wanted chocolate, at another she wanted brode ampesi with kontonmire.  

Since the fresh air outside proved to be more useful than the air conditioner, she sat outside in a lazy chair to enjoy it whiles listening to some country music playing softly from her home theater. Cape Coast was a nice place, especially where she was living currently; 4th Ridge. Due to the wedding she had to move from Accra temporarily. Maybe she would change her mind and stay here permanently, especially now that she was pregnant.

Stephanie picked up her phone to check her WhatsApp messages. She smiled at her colleagues messages asking her to return to Accra soon. The phone’s screen went blank for a bit indicating a call was coming through. Stephanie frowned at the caller ID. What did she want from her this time round? Had Anthony told her the wedding was off because of the pregnancy? Should she even pick it up?

“Hello Steph”

“Hello Jennifer. To what do I owe the pleasure of your august call?”

“How are you?”

“I am well, thank you for asking.”

Silence followed

“Are you going to say something already? I am sure you did not call me to remain silent?”

“Well, I was wondering if you would join me for lunch today.”

Stephanie frowned. It was obvious that coward had not said a word. “He hasn’t told you anything has he?”

“Excuse me?”

“Well I figured by now your fiancée should have told you because he promised he would”

“Told me what?”

Stephanie smiled evilly


-To be continued-

brode ampesi with kontonmire – Boiled plantain with Palava sauce


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  1. kobby small says:

    Oooohhhh I want more..

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    1. Naema says:

      There’s more. lol!


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